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KENNETT Blue Label signs DJ Yuan as ambassador for Asia

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DJ Yuan has been signed as an ambassador for KENNETT Blue Label watches in Asia.

Tom Kennett, Founder of Kennett explains, "Yuan is a very talented Artist & DJ, we are very excited to work in partnership with him to promote the KENNETT Blue Label in Asia. Yuan is a great fit for us and is one of several DJ's set to join the KENNETT Blue Label  Ambassador team over the coming months. In contrast to KENNETT Black Label, known for its formal, classic, executive look, the Blue Label concept by KENNETT is all about  providing the modern, younger male with a range of casual yet premium accessories that take care of their casual dress needs. Given the Dance music scene is growing worldwide and often attracts a young & aspiring audience - these customers are prime target for our Blue Label products."

About DJ Yuan

DJ Yuan, started his career 3 years ago while trolling UK based trance music forums. Often posting unfinished product for users to review he found himself with a development deal from a start up UK label known as Auryn Music.  Fast forward to 2011 he managed to chart 7 songs into the Beatport.com top 100. His radio show and podcast “Forbidden Sessions” has thousands of subscribers all over the world, and he also managed to provide remixes for a large and diverse variety of Electronic music artists, the majority of which were based in Europe.  Slowly but surely he is being noticed by the international community with strong support from his western counterparts.

China based Recording artist/DJ Yuan is a sign of an early start to China's influence into the western music scene.  China, often considered an exporter for most of the products we consume, has lagged behind in the cultural side of the export market. The vast majority of music and media consumed in China comes from western shores. With the advent of startups like Youku going public on Wall St. as well as boasting the world's largest virtually untapped music market it was only a matter of time before their influence is felt.
China is one of the fastest growing industrial countries on the planet, already boasting the largest cell phone network carrier and the fastest growing internet market (despite its many restrictions) has learned the ways of western internet marketing and music. The electronic music scene with its independent nature and unconventional promotional methods provides the fertile grounds to begin a new reach for Chinese musical culture and artists just like Yuan.

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Get DJ Yuan's latest Podcast here - http://yuan.podomatic.com/entry/2010-11-12T09_25_10-08_00

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